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Workabout running PsiLog Introduction

The PsiLog software package allows the unloading, programming and testing of Unidata loggers on site via Psion handheld computers, in particular the Psion Workabout. It is an easy to use package that is compatible with your existing Starlog version 2 or 3 software system and provides robust and reliable support of your dataloggers while in the field.

PsiLog has not been tested with the new Unidata Starlog Version 4 software. You must select the compatibility option in Starlog V4 to generate extra scheme files. Starlog V4 does not work with Starlog V3 unload files. You must unload your logger on the Workabout to get the data. You can then export that data as a CSV file that Starlog V4 can understand. More detailed compatibility information will be published soon.

More Information


PsiLog is available directly from Southern Cross Software Solutions. Please contact us via email: .

The RRP is AUD$400 for a package which includes:

To use PsiLog, you also need:

We can supply Psion Workabout computers and suitable serial cables. For pricing information, contact us via email: . Please note that we do not export Psion Workabouts.


Download PsiLog-related files, including:

A Note About Windows 3.x and MS-DOS Support

Starting with V1.15F of PsiLog, MS-DOS is no longer supported. Starting with V1.16F, Windows 3.x is no longer supported. If you need PsiLog to work with either of these operating systems, please contact us via email: .


The PsiLog history lists all the changes that have been made to PsiLog, including new features and bug fixes.