Updates - Latest features and bug fixes. (Last updated: )

Link software - The new PsiLog Link software is a Windows program that replaces the older DOS-based RCOM package. Note that PsiLog Link comes with PsiLog V1.15F and later.

Demonstration - Bootable demo disk


If the software version is more recent than the documentation version, it simply means that no changes to the documentation were required by the changes to the software.

Get Acrobat Reader - The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the following PDF documents.

PDF Low-res brochure ()

PDF PsiLog User Guide V1.27F () - If the version of this User Guide is less than the version of the latest addendum, that means that while changes were made to the software, no changes were made to the User Guide.

PDF Addendum V1.30F to PsiLog User Guide V1.19F () - Covers the changes to PsiLog since the V1.19F User Guide was printed.

PDF Addendum V1.19F to PsiLog User Guide V1.12F () - Covers the changes to PsiLog since the V1.12F User Guide was printed.