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The PsiLog Demonstration Disk allows you to try PsiLog right on your PC, without needing a Workabout or other Psion computer! It works by emulating a Workabout handheld computer on your PC.

The PsiLog demonstration comes with:

Note that the demonstration version of PsiLog limits unloads to 50 logs and communication baud rates to 9600.


Unfortunately, the Workabout emulator used by the demonstration is not compatible with Windows. For this reason, the demonstration disk is a self-contained bootable disk. It does not install anything to your hard drive - it doesn't even need a hard drive!


Demonstration Disk (1247955)

  1. Download DEMO.ZIP and un-zip it into a temporary directory. After you have extracted the DEMO.EXE file, you can delete the DEMO.ZIP file.
  2. Put a blank, formatted 1.44MB floppy disk into your disk drive. It doesn't really have to be blank, but everything on it will be erased during the next step.
  3. Open a DOS prompt, go to the directory you unpacked DEMO.ZIP to and run the DEMO.EXE program. Follow the instructions it will show you to make the demonstration disk. If you see a message relating to different image parameters, just press 'y' to continue.
  4. Once the disk has been created, you can write-protect it if you want. You can also delete the DEMO.EXE file, unless you want to make more demonstration disks.
  5. Now you can reboot your computer using the demonstration disk.

Using the Demonstration Disk

Shown below is the first screen you see when you boot the demonstration disk:

Startup demo screen

This screen shows important instructions for using the PsiLog demonstration. When you have finished reading, press the Enter key to continue. Next, select the COM: port for the demonstration to use. You can still change the port later once the demonstration has started.

The demonstration will take about a minute to start. When it finishes loading, you will see a display like the following:

PsiLog splash screen

Press Enter to close the "About" dialog. Explore the demonstration!

Note that the demonstration uses a RAM disk. If you exit the demo and reboot, any files on the RAM disk will be lost. This includes any scheme data you may have unloaded, and the configuration (serial port, etc) settings.

Important Keys

PsiLog Demonstration Keys
Psion KeyPC/Emulator Key
Psion ()Alt

To exit the demonstration, press Ctrl-Alt-Z.