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Navigation Bars

Navigations bars exist at the top and bottom of every page. If your web browser supports it, a site navigation bar may also be available.

Link text on the navigation bars is black for those links you have not yet visited and grey for those you have.

Top Navigation Bar

The left of this bar shows your current position in the hierarchy of documents. The page you are on is highlighted. To the left of that are links to the parents of the current document, progressively up to the home page. To the right are links to the child pages of the current document.

The right side of this bar has a search field you can use to search this web site for keywords. Next to that are links to the keyword index, site map (table of contents), and this help page.

Bottom Navigation Bar

This bar has links to the home page of the web site, a page with contact information, a link to take you back to the top of the page, and links to the keyword index, site map (table of contents), and this help page.


The search facilities of this web site are simple. In the search field you can enter one or more keywords. Boolean keywords (eg "and", "or") are not understood. Neither are special characters (eg plus or minus signs).

The search engine looks for words that start with the keyword provided. For example, if you enter "download" as a keyword, the search engine will find words like "downloads", "downloading", "downloadable", as well as "download".

Access Keys

Access keys supported by this web site
Access KeyFunction
1Site home page
2Skip top navigation bar to page heading
3Site map / table of contents
4Site search keyword field
9Contact information
0Help (this page)


The copyright page lists the third-party tools used as part of this site.