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Unidata Starlog software version 2 or 3 is required. PsiLog has not been tested with the new Starlog Version 4 software.

Compatible Computers

Workabout in use Compatible computers are: Psion Workabout, Psion Workabout mx, Psion Series 3a, Psion Series 3c, Psion Series 3mx, and Psion Siena. It will not run on the Psion Series 5, Psion Series 5mx, Psion Revo, Psion Revo Plus, Psion Series 7, Psion NetBook, Psion NetPad, or Diamond Mako as these all use a different operating system.

In particular, the Psion Workabout series of handheld computers are ideal for on-site operations. In contrast to bulky, heavy and fragile laptops, Workabouts are very rugged, dust proof, splash proof and can drop one metre onto concrete! Their greyscale LCD, unlike laptop colour displays, is clearly visible both indoors and outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The compact body (189×92×35mm, 380g incl. batteries) can be easily held in one hand and operated using the other hand. This ruggedness and ease of use makes the Workabout and PsiLog an ideal combination for maintaining and working with your data loggers while on-site.

Memory Expansion

Except for the Siena, all the supported Psion computers can have their memory expanded via the use of up to two Solid State Disks (SSDs). The Siena computer supports one extra SSD, but only via an extra SSD Drive peripheral. SSDs come in two types: RAM and Flash. RAM is available in sizes from 128kB to 1MB, and needs a backup battery to keep the data if it is removed from the Psion computer. Flash is available in sizes up to 8MB and does not need a battery. PsiLog fully supports both types of SSDs.


PsiLog requires a minimum of 256kB to run. Optional data files (logger test display and formulas) can add 70kB and the Psion computers operating overheads another 100kB. Schemes will require about 3kB each. Whatever space is left over is available for unloaded data.