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IrPhotoClip Version History
  • No change to program, but now includes the required progress bar (pc_bar) module
  • SIS file now supports all English language (UK, US, Aus, NZ) installs
  • INI file gets program icon
  • No change to program, but now has a colour icon
  • Added option to paste Sketch object as an icon
  • Now creates a Sketch object that can be pasted directly into applications
  • Added support for unrestricted image sizes
  • No longer uses the ClipBit OPX
  • Shows hotkey on startup
  • SIS file no longer includes pesky IrDA update
  • First official release
IrPhotoClip screen shot
IrPhotoClip screen shot

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IrPhotoClip is an application designed to run in the background waiting for you to press its hotkey.

When you press the hotkey (which is adjustable via preferences), IrPhotoClip will initiate an IrTran-P photo transfer from your digital camera via infra-red. The transferred photo will be placed on the clipboard, ready for pasting. It can optionally send pasting keypresses to automatically paste the picture into Data, Agenda/Calendar, and Word.

You can, of course, turn off the automatic pasting and just have IrPhotoClip put the photo on the clipboard. Then you can paste it yourself.


The ability of IrPhotoClip to put pastable Sketch objects onto the clipboard would not have been possible without the hard work of Frodo Looijaard who reverse-engineered the built-in EPOC file formats for his Psiconv program. He has set up some web pages publishing his work on the file format documentation.

Someone else has documented the clipboard file, at least for text purposes.


Symbian Infra-Red Driver Problems

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a Series 5 (not 5mx) and seem to be having troubles, try downloading and installing this IrDA Update ( 43K).

Casio IrTran-P Quirks

I've only used my IrTran-P OPM with my Casio QV-3000, although it has been tested against many other Casio camera models and found to work. These include: Casio 2000UX/Ir, Casio 3000EX/Ir, Casio WQV-3 Wrist Camera (should also work with the WQV-10), Psion 5mx, Psion Revo Plus, Psion Series 7, Ericsson MC218.

In all cases, the camera only transfers photos at 640×480 resolution no matter the preferences set. I've left the setting in the preferences in case there are cameras out there that actually listen to and use the requested resolution.

EPOC Screen Display

By default, EPOC handhelds start in 4-grey mode. This means that Sketch doesn't handle 16-grey pictures very well. To overcome this, see Tixy's Psion 5 General Tips - Running the 5mx in 16 grey mode.


irphotoclip.zip ( 66K) IrPhotoClip