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IrTran-P OPM


IrTran-P Version History
  • SIS file now supports all English language (UK, US, Aus, NZ) installs
  • Attempting to run OPM displays an About dialog
  • Added support for "ARB" (arbitrary or unrestricted) picture sizes
  • No change to program, but SIS file no longer includes pesky IrDA update
  • First official release
  • Alpha release


IrTran-P is a protocol that allows digital cameras to send and receive photos via infra-red. This is my initial implementation of an IrTran-P OPL module.

So far this module has been successfully used with the following devices: Casio 2000UX/Ir, Casio 3000EX/Ir, Casio WQV-3 Wrist Camera (should also work with the WQV-10), Psion 5mx, Psion Revo Plus, Psion Series 7, Ericsson MC218. A big thank-you to those who have sent me feedback emails!

So far people have reported a common problem: all photos are sent in 640x480 resolution. This is in spite of my test program asking for 320x240! It seems as though Casio cameras ignore image size specifications. They do, however, listen to 'file size' specifications, and I've been able to adjust the transmitted picture file size from 170K down to 30K. Somehow the camera is able to adjust the JPEG quality to meet a file size. Since the pixel size is specified as part of the same message as the file size, I am sure the camera is correctly receiving the image size request, and is ignoring it for some reason. Bummer. I doubt if it is possible to work around.


irtranp.zip (9.2K) IrTran-P OPM

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a Series 5 (not 5mx) and seem to be having troubles, try downloading and installing this IrDA Update ( 43K).

See Also

The IrDA organisation has some documents on the IrTran-P protocol used by the camera's infra-red port. Note that IrTran-P is actually built on top of several layers: IrComm, LM-IAS/TinyTP, IrLMP, IrLAP, SerialIR. Documentation on these can be found at the IrDA web site on their Standards and Specifications pages.

PDF IrTran-P Standard ( 240k)