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Carine Senior High School Class of '88 15 Year Reunion


Here are some memories of the Carine SHS Class of '88 fifteen year reunion. The function was held at Carine Glades Tavern on the evening of 25th October 2003 and a fantastic night was had by all! (...as you can see from the pictures!)

A Message from the Committee

Dear Carinians,

Many thanks for everyone who made an effort ensuring a wonderful night where lost friendships were rekindled and memories revived. A special thanks to those who flew in for the occasion or travelled long distances to be part of the evening. Those unable to attend were sorely missed, were not forgotten, and we hope to catch up at future events.

Could all students register their details on www.schoolfriends.com.au to assist in organisation of any future reunions.

If anyone is missing a diamond ring as a result of the evening, could they please contact me on 0411068777.

Mike Lynn and Committee


If you have photos of your own, I have some free space here if you can't host them yourself. If you have a site of your own, I can link to it from here too!

Mistakes in the captions are my (Andrew Gregory) fault. Tell me about them! (but see below first)

Andrew Gregory's

I used a Casio QV3000.

Simon Ree's

Simon used a Canon 10D.

Know some names?

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