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What's On My Psion?

First of all, I own two Psions: a Series 3a, now used only as an emergency backup machine, and my Series 3mx. I have two SSD's - a 4MB Flash SSD (upgraded from 2MB) and a 1MB RAM SSD.

That's quite a bit of storage (2MB Psion, 4MB Flash, 1MB RAM = 7MB!). Here's what I have got to fill it all up:

Programs installed on my Psion 3mx
Name Version Status
Pason 5.0b Freeware
Battery Checker 1.3 Freeware
Macro System 2.0 Freeware
TDC NMEA GPS Reader ß0.16 Freeware
PsiZIP 1.3A Shareware
Shell3a 1.8b5 Freeware
TonePad 1.1 Freeware
Charm (download) 2.0 Freeware
OPP 1.9F Shareware
RevTran 4.2 Freeware
Slowpp 0.01A Freeware
RevMeNot 2.0 Freeware
Spy (download) ? Freeware
OPASpy (ex home page) 1.0 Freeware
Helper 1.10 Freeware
JB Data 1.5.5b Freeware
S3A Bank 2.00 Shareware
Plan 3a 4.7 Shareware
Clocks 0.06 Freeware
Calc 3a (download) 1.7 Freeware
ConVert 1.2-10 Freeware
Resistor 1.00 Freeware
StopWatch 2.10 Freeware
Draw 2.85 Shareware
Solun 3a 3.6a Shareware
JB Launch 2.7.8 Freeware
Fairway 2.4 Shareware
Klondike 2.1 Freeware
Metropolis (ex home page) 1.02 Shareware
Minehunt 1.32 Freeware
Psider 1.3 Postcardware
SameGame 1.10F Freeware
Sokoban (download) ? ?
Solipeg 2.2 Freeware
Tetrums 2.03 Freeware

I'm also checking out the following:

Programs I'm evaluating
Name Version Status
FaxIt 2.4 Shareware
Astro 3a 1.20 Shareware
Graph 3a 1.4 Shareware
Blackjack 1.01 Shareware
Freecell 1.0 Shareware
Infocom 1.8m Shareware
Jumpy! 3.00F Shareware
Shangai 1.5 Shareware
Space Venture 1.0F Shareware
Larvae 1.1 Shareware
Psi-Mapper/Oz 6.F Shareware