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Resource IDE Version History
  • Removed RSCHUFF.BIN encoding table -
    it's now calculated from the ROM::R_.HFT decoding table
  • Added support to build compressed resource files
  • Can now set some preferences
  • New version to incorporate the updated Edit Box module
  • Initial release


The Resource IDE program lets programmers build resource files. These files should contain all the text and other localisation data that changes from language to language. Resource files allow the same executable to operate with different languages.

Resource IDE screen shot
Resource IDE screen shot

Although it uses the RSS extension, these files are quite different from the SIBO SDK RSS files. The main reason they are different is because my resource compiler automatically formats help text so that it word-wraps to fit the screen of the specified target machine. It sure beats manual word-wrapping!

Another big feature is that it can automatically generate an include file that #defines labels that identify the number of each resource. This allows you to reference resources by a meaningful label in your source code, instead of having to remember the number. It also means that if you insert a resource in the middle of your file, it doesn't affect your main program source at all! (Just remember to rebuild it, though.)

Compressed resource files are supported. This is an option as it adds about 50% to the build time. Resource files typically end up being about 30% smaller.

Resource IDE comes with it's own resource source file, so you can see what a resource source file should look like. There is also some online help - still a little patchy, but it does explain most of the features.

The Resource IDE program is developed using my Programmer's Toolbox library, in particular the Editor Application module.


It is easiest to work with the resource files generated by Resource IDE using my Resource Messages library module.


rscide.zip ( 21K) Resource IDE program