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QVRemote 3a 3c 3mx


QVRemote Version History
  • Added QV-3500 and QV-4000
  • Modified to use letters instead of punctuation keys (to improve use on non-English machines)
  • Initial release


QVRemote allows your QV-series Casio digital camera to be remotely controlled by your SIBO machine via the serial port. It supports time-lapse photography by taking photos at pre-programmed fixed intervals, with an optional "pre-focus" time before taking the photo. The SIBO computer may be turned off or allowed to automatically switch off - QVRemote will automatically wake it up in time to control the camera. The camera, however, should be externally powered or at least have its LCD display turned off. It should take photos frequently enough to prevent its auto switch-off.

QVRemote screen shot
QVRemote screen shot

QVRemote should work on SIBO machines that have the larger screen size of 480 × 160 pixels. These include the Series 3a, Series 3c, and Series 3mx.

QVRemote should work with the following cameras:

If your camera isn't listed, then it probably depends if it was manufactured before or after the listed cameras. Camera manufactured after the above stand a good chance of working. Those manufactured before, such as the QV-10, will almost certainly not work.

Connecting Cable

To connect your SIBO machine to your camera, you will need to use a null-modem adapter. Here is a wiring diagram:

DCE/DCE Null Modem Adapter Wiring Diagram

The adapter is fully symmetrical - it doesn't matter which way around it is. I'm not sure if all of the pin connections are required. It could be that only the Ground and RxD/TxD connections need to be present. I can confirm that the full null-modem adapter does work, and therefore recommend that you use all the connections too.

Pod Limited sell a Null Modem Connector that will likely work.


qvremote.zip ( 15K) QVRemote program

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