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Keyboard Shortcuts


NOTE: This panel uses a Java applet. A Sun JVM v1.4 or later is required.

This panel shows a table listing all of the keyboard shortcuts currently defined in your Opera browser. It does this by reading the standard_keyboard.ini file in your Opera\defaults folder.

In order to read it, the panel HTML file MUST be saved in the same folder as standard_keyboard.ini. To install this panel:

  1. Download the kbshortcuts.html and kbs.class files by right-clicking on each link, selecting "Save target as..." and saving the file to the same folder as your standard_keyboard.ini, usually C:\Program Files\Opera7\defaults.
  2. Open your panels and select "Transfers".
  3. Open kbshortcuts.html by double-clicking on it in the list of transferred files.
  4. Select the "Booksmarks" panel and click "Add". Tick "Show in hotlist panel" and click "OK".
Keyboard Shortcuts Version History
  • Now uses Java applet for improved performance
  • Initial version

A Toolbar Button

2005-01-04: New security restrictions in Opera 8.00 prevent this button from working. Sorry.

I've created a button that displays the keyboard shortcuts defined in an INI file that can be dragged to any toolbar. Set the filename here and click on "Make button":

NOTE: There is a limit of approximately 150 characters allowed in the encoded filename (the default filename has 56). This is due to the length of the code required to implement the reformatter, and a hard limit inside Opera.

The typical location for your standard_keyboard.ini file is in the C:\Program Files\Opera7\defaults\ folder.