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Casio Photo Library Viewers

PhotoLoader Library Viewer

This is used to index the files generated by the PhotoLoader program that came with your Casio camera. (Last updated 2004-06-19)

Camera Library Viewer

This is used to index the files generated by your Casio camera itself. (Last updated 2004-06-19)

How to Make Autorun CDs

To make CDs that will start automatically under Microsoft Windows, the following files must appear in the root directory of the CD:

Autorun CD Structure
File/Directory NameContents
AUTORUN.INF [autorun] open = go.bat
go.bat @start ImageLib\libview.htm
ImageLibthis subdirectory contains the library viewer files and your photo subdirectories

The ImageLib subdirectory will contain the following:

ImageLib directory contents
PhotoLoader Library ViewerCamera Library Viewer
HTML/ - Shared web pages
YYMMDD or YYYYMMDD - Photo subdirectories NNN_MMDD - Photo subdirectories

You've probably already created a directory like ImageLib with the library viewer and your photos. In that case, you all need to do is create the AUTORUN.INF and go.bat files (remember to make sure the filename specified in AUTORUN.INF is correct) and copy the entire ImageLib subdirectory across.